Summer School Esports Program

For High Schools and Primary Schools

Welcome to Squid Academy’s Summer Esports Program, a unique offering that caters to both high school and primary school students during the summer break. This program is a fusion of our intensive high school esports education and our engaging primary school curriculum, delivering a condensed and immersive experience in esports.

Tailored Esports Education

High Schools

Our Esports Summer School for High Schools is designed for administrators and educators seeking an immersive program. We offer daily intensive classes, allowing high school students to explore a comprehensive esports curriculum. From gameplay fundamentals to advanced strategies and coaching, our program covers all aspects at an accelerated pace.

Primary Schools

For primary schools, the Summer Esports Program focuses on introducing younger students to the world of esports in a fun and educational setting. We adapt our curriculum to be age-appropriate, ensuring that primary school students engage with esports in a way that enhances their learning and development.

Summer School Esports Education
Holistic Learning for All Ages

Holistic Learning for All Ages

High Schools

High school students in our Summer Esports Program benefit from holistic learning that goes beyond esports skills. They develop real-life competencies such as teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, and digital marketing – skills crucial for success in any career.

Primary Schools

Primary school students enjoy a curriculum that combines gaming with educational outcomes. We focus on developing soft skills like communication, problem-solving, and creativity, alongside academic skills like STEM learning, literacy, and critical thinking.

Key Features of the Summer Esports Program

Intensive and Comprehensive Learning

High Schools: Daily classes ensure that high school students dive deep into esports education, covering extensive subject matter in a short time.

Primary Schools: Our program for primary students is structured to keep them engaged and learning throughout the summer, with activities tailored to their age and skill level.

Flexible Scheduling

Both High Schools and Primary Schools: The program offers flexibility to fit the unique schedules of different schools. It can be implemented during summer breaks or integrated into regular school terms.

Career Opportunities​

High Schools: The program opens doors to various esports careers, preparing students for roles in coaching, event management, social media management, and more.

Primary Schools: Younger students get an early introduction to the world of esports, sparking interest in potential future careers in gaming and technology.

Flexibal Schedule
Esports Classroom

Benefits for Schools and Students

High Schools: The accelerated format is time-efficient, perfect for intensive summer learning or enriching regular curriculums.

Primary Schools: The program offers a unique blend of fun and education, keeping primary school students engaged and learning during the summer.

Both Levels: Students from both high schools and primary schools benefit from the holistic development that our program offers, gaining skills that are valuable both in and out of the esports arena.

Join the Esports Education Revolution

Squid Academy’s Summer Esports Program is an opportunity for schools to offer a unique and valuable educational experience. Whether you aim to enrich your summer break or enhance your regular school curriculum, our program delivers quality esports education for both high school and primary school students.

Don’t miss out on this chance to join the esports education revolution with Squid Academy. Contact us today to learn more about implementing the Summer Esports Program in your school and provide students with a comprehensive pathway to esports excellence.



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