High School Esports Program

Welcome to Squid Academy's High School Esports Program

At Squid Academy, we are pioneers in esports education, reshaping traditional learning with an innovative approach that combines the excitement of esports with the rigor of academic excellence. Our high school esports program is more than just gaming; it’s a journey towards empowerment, skill development, and success in the ever-evolving world of competitive gaming.

The Power of Esports in Education

Esports isn’t merely a recreational activity; it’s a powerful platform for learning, personal growth, and skill enhancement. As the esports industry continues its meteoric rise, it becomes increasingly evident that students should have access to structured educational opportunities that empower them with the skills and knowledge required to excel in this dynamic field.

Esports Classroom

Why Choose Squid Academy's High School Program?

Our High School Esports Program stands out as a beacon of excellence in esports education, offering students a comprehensive learning experience that merges gaming prowess with essential life and transferable skills primed to be used in any industry be it gaming or beyond.

Squid Academy’s holistic learning approach emphasizes developing skills crucial both inside and outside the esports arena. We focus on nurturing abilities like critical thinking, leadership, adaptability, and digital literacy, preparing students for various challenges in esports and other career paths.

Our seasoned coaches, each an expert in the esports field, offer personalized mentorship. They help students refine their gameplay, foster leadership qualities, and develop strategies that are essential for success in both competitive gaming and team environments.

Squid Academy prepares students for a wide array of career opportunities in the esports industry. From technical roles like event management and IT support to creative positions in media and content creation, our program opens doors to various exciting career paths.

Our curriculum provides practical insights into key aspects of the esports industry, such as sponsorship negotiation, brand management, and audience engagement. It also offers stand-out students the opportunity to intern in Squid Academy’s productions like the yearly Squid Cup. This real-world perspective prepares students for roles that extend beyond gaming and into the business side of esports.

Our program exposes students to multiple esports titles, cultivating versatility and adaptability. This exposure to different gaming environments enhances their problem-solving skills and prepares them for the dynamic nature of the esports industry.

Squid Academy offers customizable program lengths, making it easy for schools to integrate esports education into their existing schedules. Whether for a single semester or more, over the summer, as a co-curricular or extra curricular activity, our program is designed to adapt to different educational timelines.

Our proprietary LMS provides a dynamic and accessible online learning experience. With interactive modules and continuous online support, students enjoy an engaging educational journey, enhancing their esports knowledge and skills.

At Squid Academy, students become part of a supportive esports network. They connect with fellow students, industry experts, and esports aficionados, fostering a sense of community and opening up opportunities for collaboration and growth.


Regular assessments and feedback are integral to our program, ensuring students are on track and continuously improving. This approach keeps them focused on their goals and fosters a culture of growth and development.


We prepare students for competitive play in tournaments like our very own Squid Cup. This experience enhances their teamwork and strategic planning skills, simulating real esports environments and preparing them for future competitions.

Our commitment extends beyond program completion. We offer ongoing support and career guidance, helping students navigate the esports industry, explore further education, and identify suitable career opportunities.

A Comprehensive High School Esports Program

Squid Academy’s esports program offers high school students a unique and comprehensive journey into the exciting world of esports. This program is designed to equip students with both the practical skills and theoretical knowledge needed to excel in various aspects of the esports industry. Here’s an overview of what the program includes:

Fundamental Gameplay Mastery

Students start by mastering fundamental gameplay mechanics across different non-violent, popular, easy to understand and educational games. Personalized coaching and expert guidance help them grasp essential game-specific skills, laying a strong foundation for their potential future in the player esports scene.

Team Formation and Dynamics

A significant focus of our high school esports program is also on team-building, communication, and understanding roles within a team. Practical exercises enhance teamwork skills, vital for success in esports and other collaborative environments.

Coaching Foundations

The program introduces students to esports coaching, emphasizing gameplay analysis and providing constructive feedback. This aspect prepares them for potential careers in esports coaching and helps them improve their own gameplay as well.

Physical Conditioning

Recognizing the importance of physical well-being, the program includes guidance on exercises and routines to maintain a healthy lifestyle, crucial for peak gaming performance and overall well-being.

Team Promotion and Strategy Crafting

Students learn about promoting their team and crafting strategies for success, covering social media management, branding, and digital marketing. These skills are beneficial for various esports careers and transferable to other industries.

Coaching Foundations

The program introduces students to esports coaching, emphasizing gameplay analysis and providing constructive feedback. This aspect prepares them for potential careers in esports coaching and helps them improve their own gameplay as well.

Advanced Gameplay and Specializations

As students progress, they delve into advanced gameplay tactics and explore specializations tailored to their interests and career aspirations. These include tech support, event management, sponsorship management, graphic design, merchandising, streaming, partnership management, and shoutcasting/hosting among others.

Real-Life Skills

Throughout the program, students develop essential skills like leadership, critical thinking, digital marketing and more, preparing them for success in the esports industry and beyond.

Real-World Experience at the Squid Cup

Top-performing students get the opportunity to intern at the Squid Cup, gaining hands-on experience and valuable insights into the esports industry, from event planning to audience engagement.

Deployment in High Schools

Recognizing the diverse needs of high schools, our program can be customized to span either a single semester, extend over two semesters, taught over the summer break or even as a co-curricular or extra curricular activity, depending on the school’s preference. Here’s a breakdown of how our program can be seamlessly integrated into a high school:

Teacher Training

The program kicks off with comprehensive teacher training, where we equip a designated school faculty member with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively run the in-class components of our program. This training ensures that educators can guide students in revising and reinforcing the concepts learned from our pro-courses available through our Learning Management System (LMS).

Online Learning and Support

Students engage with the program through our LMS, accessing a combination of video tutorials and online support. This digital component is a core part of the program, offering high-quality content and interactive learning experiences. The online support is available throughout the program's duration, providing students with continuous guidance and assistance.

Program Duration

Each module of our program is designed to align with every high school’s unique needs. Be it over a semester or two, during the summer break or even as a co-curricular or extra curricular activity, Squid Academy as your esports education needs covered.

Squid Cup (League)

Together with our educational modules, we host the Squid Cup, a league that runs throughout the program. This league offers students the opportunity to apply their skills in a competitive setting, fostering teamwork, strategic thinking, and practical application of the knowledge they acquire.

Transferable Skills for a Bright Future

As students progress through our high school esports program, they not only acquire esports expertise but also develop an array of transferable skills that are invaluable in various aspects of life. These skills include but aren’t limited to:

Adaptability: Students learn to adapt to changing game dynamics and strategies, a skill applicable in rapidly evolving industries.

Leadership: Team roles and captaincy instill leadership qualities, vital in both gaming teams and professional settings.

Teamwork: Collaborating with teammates fosters strong teamwork, a crucial skill in any cooperative work environment.

Critical Thinking: Analyzing gameplay and making strategic decisions enhances critical thinking abilities, valuable in problem-solving.

Digital Marketing: Students gain insights into digital marketing, a skill useful in promoting brands and products.

Stress Management: Esports competition teaches stress management, applicable in high-pressure situations.

Analytical Thinking: Analyzing gameplay data sharpens analytical thinking, valuable in data-driven professions.

Strategic Planning: Crafting gameplay strategies hones strategic planning skills, essential in various career paths.

Project Management: Organizing events and tournaments develops project management capabilities.

Decision Making: Making split-second decisions in games translates to sound decision-making skills.

Communication: Effective in-game communication and teamwork enhance communication abilities, crucial in all professions.

Esports Event

Our flexible high school esports program is ideal for any school seeking to incorporate esports into their curriculum. Whether it’s an esports academy for schools, online coaching for esports, or a comprehensive esports in education initiative, Squid Academy’s program is designed to provide value and adaptability, meeting the specific needs of each participating school. By offering a blend of online learning, in-class support, and competitive play, we ensure a well-rounded and engaging esports education experience for high school students.

Join us at Squid Academy and be part of a transformative experience that empowers students, educators, and schools to embrace the dynamic world of esports while building a strong foundation for a successful future. With our proven methods and experienced coaching, students will unlock their potential and thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of competitive gaming.




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