Squid Academy Debuts in Malaysia at the Young Entrepreneur Festival at DWI Emas

We are delighted to announce the remarkable launch of Squid Academy in Malaysia, as showcased at the highly acclaimed Young Entrepreneur Festival held at DWI Emas. This milestone event marked the beginning of our esports education journey in Malaysia, made possible through our strategic partnership with MTHEMOVEMENT KINGS., our authorised agents in the region.


MTHEMOVEMENT KINGS at Young Entrepreneurs Festival 2023


Unveiling Squid Academy’s Partnership with DWI Emas


Squid Academy made a powerful debut at the prestigious Young Entrepreneur Festival at DWI Emas, captivating the audience with our comprehensive esports coaching programs. Represented by our trusted partners, MTHEMOVEMENT KINGS, we garnered tremendous support and enthusiasm from over 5000 attendees, including visionary business owners and forward-thinking minds.

As part of our commitment to providing exceptional training and mentorship, we are also pleased to announce that DWI Emas will serve as the official mentor training center for Squid Academy in Malaysia. Together with DWI Emas, we will shape the future of esports education in the country.

Squid Academy Text Logo

Pioneering Holistic Esports Education


Squid Academy takes pride in offering a holistic approach to esports education. Our comprehensive coaching programs transcend career-specific training, encompassing immersive in-class lectures, career development support, and access to our cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS). Students also benefit from our vibrant Discord community, fostering collaboration and networking opportunities.



Expanding Horizons with MTHEMOVEMENT KINGS


Through our strategic partnership with MTHEMOVEMENT KINGS, our authorised agents in Malaysia and Singapore, we are excited to expand our presence and impact in the region. Together, we aim to revolutionise esports education, empowering students with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities needed to thrive in the dynamic esports industry.


Young Entrepreneurs Festival 2023


The Young Entrepreneur Festival at DWI Emas


Recently, the Young Entrepreneur Festival at DWI Emas provided a platform for us to showcase the power of entrepreneurship. With Squid Academy’s successful launch, represented by MTTHEMOVEMENT KINGS, the festival garnered support from over 5000 brilliant minds, including companies valued at over RM1 billion!


MTHEMOVEMENT KINGS inaugurating our launch in DWI Emas


Highlights of the festival included


  • High-powered business conference: Industry experts and keynote speakers shared invaluable insights to elevate businesses to new heights.
  • Vibrant business exhibition: An opportunity to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, explore innovative products and services, and foster valuable partnerships.
  • Young entrepreneurs pitching competition: Witnessing the future of entrepreneurship as young talents presented their innovative ideas and competed for recognition.
  • Business matching platform: A dedicated platform to discover potential collaborations and partnerships.


Join the Esports Education Revolution


Although the Young Entrepreneur Festival has concluded, the opportunities for growth, networking, and inspiration continue.

Squid Academy’s successful launch at the Young Entrepreneur Festival at DWI Emas, signals an exciting chapter in esports education in Malaysia. We invite students, parents, and educational institutions to embark on this transformative journey with us. Book a demo of our esports coaching programs today and embrace the boundless potential of esports education. Together, guided by MTHEMOVEMENT KINGS, let’s unlock a world of opportunities in the dynamic realm of competitive gaming in Malaysia, Singapore and beyond!