Squid Academy’s “Excellent” EAF Endorsement

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We are absolutely thrilled to share the fantastic news that Squid Academy, our bespoke hybrid-learning platform built for high schoolers eyeing careers in esports, has earned the prestigious “Excellent” review from the Education Alliance Finland (EAF)! Known for its world-renowned educational standards, the Finnish system guides the EAF in reviewing ed-tech offerings like ours, engineered specifically to bridge the gap between high school education and a flourishing esports career. This significant endorsement highlights our dedication to educational and technological excellence and validates our unwavering commitment to being a catalyst for high schoolers in acquiring vital 21st-century skills for the esports industry.


On the Road to Excellence: The Evaluation Process


Education Alliance Finland Evaluation Process



The EAF employed a scholarly approach focusing on three fundamental parameters: educational objectives, instructional methods, and user-friendliness. These parameters proved especially relevant considering the unique needs and aspirations of high schoolers aiming to break into the esports scene. Using a ‘diametrically opposed pair method,’ the EAF thoroughly evaluated how effectively we, at Squid Academy, foster skill acquisition, a crucial aspect for our young, dynamic audience.

During the evaluation, two independent evaluators examined our platform using opposing pairs to discern our instructional techniques. They then assigned a score (0-100) to reflect our platform’s efficiency. The outcome was a comprehensive analysis of our strengths at Squid Academy, potential areas for growth, and how these align with educational demands and possibilities for refinement.




Squid Academy: A Snapshot of Success



A testament to our commitment to enabling high school students to explore esports careers, we are elated to have achieved an outstanding score of 92% for our pedagogical approach and a strong score of 4.2 out of 5 for our learning engagement. These scores underline Squid Academy’s high educational quality and effective promotion of efficient learning. Endorsed by the EAF, our unwavering dedication shines through in our efforts to enrich the educational journey of our young learners, who are eager to make their mark in the esports industry.


EAF’s Key Insights:


  1. Squid Academy’s course offerings deliver a diverse exploration of numerous career possibilities within the esports industry.
  2. Their platform employs modern, engaging, innovative, and team-based learning methods.
  3. Their program content, which originates from expert knowledge, is presented in a way that’s straightforward for learners.
  4. Squid Academy provides flexibility, allowing learners and educators to choose a level of complexity that best suits their needs.


We’re more than just a platform; we’re an immersive educational ecosystem that nurtures active learning through superior quality content.




Pedagogical Proficiency: Aligning with the UPRF


EAF Pedagogical Approach Rating Scale


Tailored to the needs of high schoolers entering the esports industry, our platform aligns seamlessly with the educational requirements outlined by the Universal Pedagogical Reference Framework (UPRF). This respected curriculum serves as a beacon for digital teaching, encapsulating all essential proficiencies, from content creation and online interaction to collaborative communication and linguistic fluency.


EAF’s Key Insights on Pedagogical Proficiency:


  1. Squid Academy offers an impressive array of resources, such as professional videos, interactive lesson plans, experiential learning opportunities, and personalised coaching, all aimed at catering to diverse learners and supporting teachers of varying experience levels.
  2. They employ modern pedagogical techniques, including goal-setting, quizzes, games, and real-world experiences, to sustain learner engagement and highlight well-being.
  3. Their platform empowers self-paced learning, allowing learners the freedom to explore tools, content, and supplementary resources. It also incorporates social media for market exploration and personalized, goal-oriented projects.
  4. Through group activities, games, and discussions, Squid Academy actively facilitates collaborative learning. The use of leaderboards works to inspire friendly competition and encourages learners to share ideas and experiences.


Engagement in Learning: Squid Academy’s Approach


EAF Learning Engagement Scale


EAF’s Key Insights on Engagement in Learning:


Our approach to engagement in learning, crafted with our target audience of high schoolers and esports enthusiasts in mind, has received commendation from the EAF. They’ve highlighted numerous elements that make Squid Academy an unparalleled choice for those seeking a hybrid learning platform for a successful esports career:

  1. Squid Academy excels in offering a user-friendly interface that encourages user engagement while simplifying navigation. Their platform caters seamlessly to both novice and experienced users.
  2. They promote personalized learning by allowing their users to set their own goals and offer the flexibility to choose difficulty levels.
  3. Squid Academy is observed to be a thriving hub of creativity and self-expression. They offer more challenging content for advanced users to keep their learning journey stimulating.
  4. Their platform is designed to facilitate effective usage. Ample guidance and examples are provided to help learners master targeted skills.
  5. Squid Academy is committed to maintaining an inclusive and welcoming environment, free from discriminatory narratives or stereotypes. Their carefully curated graphics, sounds, and other elements enhance the user experience and support the platform’s narrative.
  6. They encourage users to delve deeper into their content, viewing errors as stepping stones to learning opportunities.
  7. Prioritizing the safety of their users, they ensure their platform is devoid of any harmful content or advertising.


Skills Developed: Squid Academy’s Commitment to 21st Century Competencies


EAF has also recognized Squid Academy’s unwavering dedication to fostering the growth of 21st Century Skills, vital for high school students aspiring to join the esports industry. Divided into Life & Career Skills and Learning & Innovation Skills, these competencies equip our learners to navigate the challenges and opportunities that the modern esports world presents.


Life & Career Skills

In line with our commitment to the holistic development of high schoolers aiming at esports careers, Squid Academy emphasizes wellbeing and sustainable development. Our platform broadens our learners’ horizons and enhances understanding and respect for diverse cultures – a critical aspect of the global esports industry.

EAF’s Key Insights on Life & Career Skills:

  • Squid Academy places a strong emphasis on wellbeing and sustainable development. They guide their learners to ensure personal and collective safety, promote a healthy lifestyle, and accentuate sustainable habits. The Academy works towards nurturing a positive self-image and cultivating emotional intelligence, encouraging their learners to view failures and setbacks as learning opportunities.
  • They stimulate cross-disciplinary thinking by integrating different domains of knowledge and encouraging a continuous learning journey.
  • Squid Academy fosters cross-cultural skills and global awareness, broadening their learners’ horizons and enhancing understanding and respect for diverse cultures.
  • Their platform enhances social skills, honing learners’ self-esteem and communication skills, and helps them understand the importance of rules and trust. It facilitates active listening, collaborative efforts, and constructive feedback exchange.
  • Squid Academy works towards linking academic knowledge with professional competencies. They instil decision-making abilities, planning, and organisation skills. Their platform includes components that promote financial literacy and time management, thereby illustrating the relevance of school subjects in professional life.


Learning & Innovation Skills

To prepare our learners for the dynamic esports industry, Squid Academy fosters creativity and innovation. Our platform enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills, essential competencies for tackling strategic challenges in esports.

EAF’s Key Insights on Learning & Innovation Skills:

  • Squid Academy fosters creativity and innovation. Their platform encourages learners to generate unique ideas, nurtures improvisational abilities, and crafts an environment conducive to innovative thinking.
  • They promote ‘learning to learn,’ supporting learners in evaluating their own learning, setting personal academic goals, and taking responsibility for their educational journey. Squid Academy inspires a lifelong love for learning and intellectual challenges.
  • Their platform enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills, boosting strategic thinking skills, observational abilities, and encouraging learners to view problems from various perspectives.


Information & Technology

Given the tech-centric nature of esports, Squid Academy emphasizes multimodal literacy, integrating technology as a vital part of the learning process for our high school students. We instill an understanding of responsible and safe technology use, a key aspect of the esports industry.

EAF’s Key Insights on Information & Technology Skills:

  • Squid Academy emphasizes multimodal literacy, integrating technology as a vital part of the learning process.
  • They encourage students to use information in an independent and interactive way, fostering discerning consumers and creators of media and information.
  • Squid Academy prioritizes effective use of technology for interaction and collaboration, both locally and globally. We instill an understanding of responsible and safe technology use, leveraging technological resources for finding and applying information. They integrate technology as a crucial component of the explorative and


Squid Academy's Certificate of Accreditation from Education Alliance Finland


In an era where technology and education increasingly intertwine, Squid Academy stands as a beacon, leading the way in online pedagogical proficiency, engagement in learning, and the development of crucial 21st-century skills. Our platform not only aligns seamlessly with global educational standards but is also innovative, user-friendly, and adaptable to the needs of both learners and educators.

The endorsement from Education Alliance Finland is not just an affirmation of our quality and excellence but showcases Squid Academy’s transformative potential in the world of hybrid learning, particularly for high schoolers pursuing esports careers. We invite you, high schools and related educational institutes, to experience first-hand the benefits that Squid Academy can offer your aspiring esports professionals.


Join us in this educational revolution. Together, let’s shape the future of learning for the next generation of esports professionals.