Introducing Squid Academy’s StrengthsFinder Test, a Collaboration with Game Goat

We are thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with Game Goat, a multifaceted company that provides strategic business consultancy and hands-on solutions to the gaming industry, alongside their cutting-edge streetwear fashion brand that pays homage to the greatest in gaming and other competitive fields.


An Innovative Approach: Understanding Your Real and Virtual World Personalities



At the heart of our collaboration is the soon-to-be-launched StrengthsFinder Test, designed to help high school students uncover their personalities in both the real and virtual worlds. This groundbreaking test, hosted on our Learning Management System (LMS), offers a unique and immersive experience, inspired by the globally recognized Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.


Discover Your Gamer Class and Unleash Your Potential



Our StrengthsFinder Test goes beyond labeling your personality type. It associates you with a captivating character from the gaming world, such as a Warlord, Wizard, or Battle Priest. With 32 distinct characters to choose from, you’ll delve into an intricate lore that reveals your character’s origins and traits, aligning with your real-world personality.


Uncover Your Potential: Esports and Traditional Industries



The StrengthsFinder Test doesn’t stop at character exploration. It provides actionable insights, guiding you towards potential career paths within esports and traditional industries that best suit your personality. Gain a deeper understanding of your work habits and unlock new possibilities for growth and success.


Get in Touch and Request a Demo


This is just the beginning of your journey. High school students can request a demo of our programs through their respective schools. If you’re a high school or related agency interested in offering this opportunity to your students, we invite you to get in touch with us directly.


Parents, Unlock Your Child’s Potential


Parents, seize this opportunity to discuss the benefits of our StrengthsFinder Test and programs with your child’s high school. Discover the potential advantages it can offer in shaping their future. Let’s embark on a quest to uncover their gamer class and unlock the hidden potential within each of them!