Esports Education Meets Pre-Professional Programs

Empowering Students for Success Beyond Esports


We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with The Academies by Harvard Student Agencies, an organization renowned for imparting globally transferable skills and empowering students to thrive in their chosen paths. The Academies offer pre-professional programs in Business, Coding, Government, and Pre-Med, all taught by Harvard undergraduate instructors. These programs provide hands-on experience and a deep understanding of their respective fields.



Squid Academy’s Comprehensive Esports Programs


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By joining forces, Squid Academy and The Academies provide a comprehensive educational journey for high school students interested in pursuing careers in esports and beyond. Our collaboration offers students the opportunity to first explore the world of esports through Squid Academy’s cutting-edge programs. Once they have gained foundational knowledge and skills, they can seamlessly transition to The Academies’ pre-professional programs, aligning their interests and passions with additional learning pathways.


Transitioning to Pre-Professional Programs: The Academies by Harvard Student Agencies


Squid Academy’s esports programs empower students to discover their potential in various non-player roles within the industry. From understanding the complexities of esports organization management to mastering the art of shoutcasting and game design, students gain hands-on experience and industry-relevant knowledge. Our programs foster creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, and adaptability, essential skills for success in any field.


Seamless Integration: A Complete Educational Journey



Upon completion of Squid Academy’s programs, students can take advantage of The Academies’ pre-professional programs to further enhance their skill set and broaden their horizons. The Academies’ programs in Business, Coding, Government, and Pre-Med provide a strong foundation for students pursuing related fields in college. By expanding their knowledge and expertise in these areas, students gain a competitive edge and open doors to a range of opportunities.

Unlocking Potential in Various Non-Player Roles



Our collaboration ensures a seamless transition from esports education to pre-professional programs, enabling students to explore their interests and passions while preparing for their future. The comprehensive curriculum offered by both Squid Academy and The Academies ensures that students are equipped with a diverse set of skills and knowledge that can be applied to various career paths.


Partnering with Squid Academy and The Academies: Empowering Your Students



As a high school or educational institution, you have the unique opportunity to offer your students a complete educational journey within the esports industry. By partnering with Squid Academy and incorporating The Academies’ pre-professional programs, you can provide your students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in college and beyond.


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